A bio-medical high-technology company, Ornim Medical specializes in clinical research, development, and distribution of the highest quality medical devices in the field of tissue and cerebral blood flow and perfusion.  Its leading product, the c-FLOW™, is a bedside patient monitor based on the patented UTLight™ technology that provides physicians with unique monitoring solutions, revolutionizing individualized and personalized patient care.

Protected by 18 granted and 15 pending patents worldwide, Ornim’s unique technology overcomes limitations of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) and ultrasound Doppler. The patented UTLight™ technology employs a combination of light and ultrasound to provide a non-invasive measure of regional blood flow. Since it also analyzes the light speckle signal and does not rely solely on the intensity of light reaching the detector, UTLight™ technology is unique among other commercially available NIRS technologies.